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Custom Virtual and Hybrid Events with 24/7 Marketing Support

Make Meaningful Connections

When you can’t interact in person, stay connected with Vizzi, a secure and customizable virtual platform that offers the ultimate experience in virtual and hybrid events, meetings, and trade shows.

Vizzi is perfect for any number of attendees and backed by a full marketing team to provide you with end-to-end event management as well as content, design, and pre- and post-show production. A successful event requires a partner, and that’s why we’re here.


Reach and inspire your key audiences with immersive, custom-crafted virtual and hybrid experiences. Vizzi allows you to meet, interact, and transact with people anywhere in the world, delivering meaningful and secure interactions while securely collecting meeting data and notes for future reference.


Give your attendees a memorable experience with custom, interactive spaces and live hosts in branded environments using green screens. Need help with content? Our full-service marketing team has decades of experience, and we are ready to craft videos, animations, emails, websites, collateral, infographics, and any other content to support your event.


Vizzi’s flexible platform enables you to create powerful, branded experiences and networking opportunities by sharing any type of content, in any format, to any audience—including break-outs for specific groups, live product demos and launches, speaker presentations, individual sessions, webinars, chat functions, and more. There’s truly no limit to what we can create together.


From capturing attendee details at registration to measurement and post-event reporting, Vizzi provides complete event analytics, so you can not only follow up with visitors but also leverage these learnings to plan your future meetings and communications, adapting your strategy to best reach your audience and achieve your goals.


All-Browser Access

With Vizzi, there are no apps to download.

Unlimited Attendees

Our “elastic” micro server-based technology automatically expands to allow any number of participants.

Secure, Private Data

Vizzi is GDPR-compliant, and we conduct daily privacy audits. It’s a secure meeting platform on our own secure hosting system.

Meeting Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is available from pre-event to during the event. Our system integrates with the major event registration APIs.


As you navigate a virtual event, save materials to view later, at your leisure.


Collect your notes in one place, whether they are from break-out sessions or visiting different booths, and save them for later viewing.

Virtual Swag Bag

Sign up (spam-free) to receive your selected promotional giveaways.

Performance Metrics & Analysis

Access data on every location, interaction, connection, channel, and experience. Our analytics work with AWS and Google Analytics, providing custom, event-driven metrics and reports.

Smooth Streaming

Because Vizzi is worldwide content delivery network (CDN) capable, local audiences enjoy smooth streaming with no interruptions.

More Than a Virtual Meeting Platform

Does your virtual or hybrid meeting platform offer one-on-one planning, management, and technical support from beginning to end? Vizzi does.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who’s with you every step of the way to ensure a flawless event (or conference, product launch, corporate happy hour…whatever you can dream up!). Our team has decades of experience in event strategy, planning, management, and production. We offer comprehensive support, including speaker line-ups, stage management support, technology, and logistics. And it’s all backed up by secure, high-capacity bandwidth transmission and hosting.

The best part? Our average delivery time for a custom virtual or hybrid event is faster than you’d think! So you’ll be hosting branded, engaging virtual meetings in no time.

Schedule a Custom Demo

Make meaningful connections with your audiences with Vizzi. Contact us today to learn more.

Schedule a Custom Demo

Make meaningful connections with your audiences with Vizzi. Contact us today to learn more.

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